Kathryn + Matt – Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis and the Missouri Athletic Club Wedding

My family’s favorite movie has always been “Princess Bride,” and I don’t think I have ever had a bride and groom that reminded me so much of Princess Buttercup and The Man in Black as this one.  They both even looked the part – Kathryn with her long blond curly hair and Matt with slightly rakish haircut.  Not only did they look the part of prince and princess, but as film makers (she at Disney and he at the Media Art Lab) anyone could tell that  they felt they were living that fairytale dream.  All the magic and romance in the air was wonderful –  which is why I so love my job.  I am myself an incurable romantic who still loves fairy tales and have been lucky enough in my own marriage to have found “true love.”

Everything at this wedding was so personal, from how Kathryn’s uncle, Father Charles Ferrara, married them to how they tucked mementos into all the beautiful decorations at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis and the Missouri Athletic Club (Artistry Florist, rentals by BBJ Linens and Sitting Pretty, and Aries Lighting).  Josie Littlepage from Cosmopolitan Events expertly coordinated the whole event so that the bride and her family were able to enjoy the whole day, which they did, thoroughly, as you can see in all the photographs.  The Galaxy Red Band had an appreciative audience that night with all of the bride and groom’s wild and crazy friends from their Northwestern days who anyone could tell were used to partying together.

I was particularly lucky to work with two very talented videographers, Will Carnahan & Jack Livingston, professionals out in Los Angeles who are long-time friends of the Kathryn and Matt.  They were SO wonderful!!  And I would especially like to thank my extremely talented (and wise) second photographer, Brent Holzapfel, whose artistic eye sees the great photos that I miss and has an uncanny ability to soothe anyone’s frayed nerves on a wedding day.   His generous spirit makes photographing a wedding so much easier.

This bride and groom were so sentimental about everything they did that day.  You could feel the effort Matt made to perform the part of the handsome price for Kathryn and her equal concern to be the perfect princess for him.  They even included turtles in the decorations because they having been giving turtle mementoes to each other for years.  Adorable.  Love, True Love, indeed.

Congratulations Kathryn and Matt!


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