Saint Louis Indian Wedding Photographer: Sushmitha and Shivank at the Renaissance Grand Hotel and the Missouri Botanical Garden

I had been looking forward to Sushmitha and Shivank’s wedding almost as much as their families ever since I photographed their betrothal ceremony last summer.  They are such a lovely couple – so excited and joyful and yet so calm and considerate to everyone around them.  Although Sushmitha’s eyes sparkled with love and happiness all day long, you could tell that what made her so overcome with joy was not the wedding day itself, but the wonderful marriage and years of happiness that she looked forward to with Shivank.

The day began early at the Renaissance Grand Hotel where Sushmitha’s doting aunts and mother helped her into the first of her three beautiful sarees while Shivank’s family helped him into his princely wedding clothes.  The ceremonies and parties that followed ran smoothly all day long thanks to the impressive wedding coordinator from the hotel, Kristin Small,who was everywhere at once with a smile on her face.

The Statler Ballroom where the wedding ceremony took place had been beautifully decorated by Fatima Dalal from St. Louis Wedding Works.  Sushmitha and Shivank were led to the altar where, in the presence of their family and friends (and with many prayers and many smiles), they held hands before the fire and were united as husband and wife.

In the interlude before the party they went for a peaceful walk through the Missouri Botanical Garden and enjoyed a little time just with each other.  Even the casual passersby at the Garden could see in Shivank’s tenderness and Shusmitha’s glad smile that this couple would have a lifetime of true love.

The party that followed afterwards in the Crystal Ballroom was relaxed and lots of fun.  Their disc jockey, Karan Pujji, had been so amazing all day long, and he ended the day with a great mix of music that kept the guests on the dance floor celebrating the marriage of this wonderful couple.

Congratulations to you both!

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