Sushmitha + Shivank – Indian Betrothal Ceremony at the St. Charles Convention Center

It was obvious to me immediately that this couple would be wonderful to work with when I first talked to Sushmitha’s mother, Savitha.  Her excitement and delight told me everything I needed to know about this couple.   She knew that her daughter had found a prince in Shivank and clearly entertained no doubts about her daughter’s future happiness.  Sushmitha and Shivank had been dating for six years since they first met at Cornell University – four of those years long distance while Shivank attended medical school.  Their college friends told me that everyone just assumed that this couple would eventually be married.  Now that I have photographed them it is easy to see why.  Their eyes positively shine when they look at each other.

The betrothal ceremony took place at the Saint Charles Convention Center which my husband, Jon, helped design with PGAV Architects.  What a lovely place for photographs –  great natural light, beautiful and historical murals in the background and a fabulous fountain.  Who could ask for more?!  The gorgeous saris add a riot of color that made the entire event a visual delight.  My daughter, Julie, who helped me that night, told me as we drove home that she hoped that she too would someday find true love like Susmitha and Shivank.  It makes me happy with the world.

Congratulations you two and I can’t wait to photograph your wedding!!



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