1. Hi Kelsey,

      I took them all over Forest Park which I know very well because I grew up only a few blocks north. We began in the wetlands area of the park north of Steinberg which has the pretty old cast iron bridge and then headed north to what I have always called the circle lake with the fountain, then over to the Muny and then finished up near the Grand Basin. It helps to be familiar with the park, so I suggest spending a couple of hours biking around the park and finding out what is where. I have to say, though, that the park changes A LOT every year. I was obsessed with one view down a river that had gorgeous reflections last year during the fall which this year looks totally different and not very exciting.

      I would suggest donating to Forest Park Forever a nonprofit which totally renovated the park if you use it professionally. Consider that Charlie Dooley wanted to charge professional photographers $2,000 fee per year, PLUS a fee each time you took a client there for portraits. Be glad he isn’t running Forest Park and chip in if you can.


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