Jen + Jordan – Annunziata & Westwood Country Club Wedding

I have always had a total obsession with Barbie dolls, probably because my mother refused to let me have one when I was growing up.  She just didn’t get it – We weren’t interested in life-like “cute” dolls who wore the same mundane clothes we did.  What my sister and I longed for were the glamorous Barbie Dolls, because they looked like the princesses of our imagination.  I have always joked that my Barbie doll deprivation is why I became a wedding photographer and have never tired of it, just as I have never tired of Barbies and showered my three daughters with them.

This is certainly a roundabout way to introduce my next bride Jen, but you will know why as soon as you look at the pictures.  She really is the vision of the Barbie-doll bride of every little girl’s dreams. And at the same time, she is smart, completely down to earth, organized, and practical.  She and her totally smitten husband, Jordan (can you blame him?), met in a bar in downtown Chicago one night where she was celebrating a friend’s bachelorette party. She didn’t know that the cute stranger she had so much fun with would turn out to be “the one.” In fact, she wouldn’t even give him her phone number at first because she had no idea who he was (like I said, practical), but she had stolen his heart that first night, and he just wouldn’t give up.  She gave him quite the chase, but it all ended happily at the Annunziata Church here in St. Louis on a beautiful day in May.

And what a gorgeous wedding it was!   Their fabulous wedding planner, Barbara Hoover, used her knowledge, organization, and attention to detail to make it the perfect fairytale wedding from start to finish. The day started and ended at Westwood Country Club ( which I just love because everywhere you turn inside and out provides a great background for photographs. David’s of Clayton (so much fun!) did the hair and makeup for this bunch of relaxed girls who were already having a blast before the wedding even started. Then it was on to the Church of the Annunziata ( ) which I always like because I can hide in the sacristy and capture those tender and sweet moments when the bride and groom say their vows and exchange rings. Monsignor Leykam gave a very moving sermon about the importance of families, and from my hidden perch I could tell from the way Jen and Jordan look at each other that this is the beginning of a long and happy marriage. Ken Meisner (, St. Louis’ premier florist, designed the beautiful flowers at the church and the club which added color and charm to both the posed photographs which were taken outside on the beautiful Westwood Country Club grounds and their candids inside during the reception. After a round of funny and moving toasts,  Jen and Jordan cut their gorgeous (and delicious!) cake made for them by Encore Baking (, and then the party really began. The sounds of Arvell and Company ( kept everyone dancing wildly all night long, and just when it seemed they would drop from exhaustion, a cart from Gelato delRiso ( magically appeared providing refreshment for all the tired dancers.  A unique touch that really added to the party were the fabulous masks given to each guest, making an already energized dance floor become even wilder and more hilarious.

Congratulations, Jen and Jordan, and I wish you both all the best in the years to come!

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